Best Custom & Natural Wood Coffee Tables Ideas for 2021

What is a good coffee table for a living room? It is that very accessory that, when selected properly, elevates the simple interior to artwork heights. Indeed, any coffee table carries on an array of tasks – holds drinks, snacks, keys, magazines, laptop, serves a playing ground and a battle field – on a daily basis. Yet first of all, it is a décor object, a center piece that turns little discrepancies of the interior planning into interesting quirks that emphasizes the overall elegant design.

Yes, a coffee table of high quality and couture exterior can work wonders in your living room, but how to pick this one and only item? Maxiwoods will gladly guide you through the intricacies of the selection process, yet we put it straight right from the start: a coffee table made of natural wood is the best option on the market.

Why Opt For Natural Wood Coffee Tables?

A real wood coffee table is a timeless classic. Designs and shapes can change over time, yet the appeal and glamor of real wood retain their power. Such a table will fit any interior, from farmhouse and Provence to modernist and avant-garde. The most coveted vintage and antique tables are inevitably made of expensive wood, with marquee, inlays, gilding and carving. Modern high-end tables are equally sought after among customers and designers. Their secret is wood styling versatility and unique natural feel that cannot be imitated by any other material.

What Wooden Table Styles Are Available?

The styles of natural wood coffee table and end tables are endless and are limited by scope of designer’s imagination only. Such tables are comparatively small by dimensions and do not need to provide space for legs, like dining tables, so it is easier to fit them into the interior. This is also a reason you see a selection of monolith, sculptural and futuristic tables of all shapes and sizes. Placed in the middle of the room, these tables act as art objects and conversation starters, in addition to their immediate functions.

Key Advantages of A Natural Wood Coffee Table

Wood is versatile in look and properties, it can be incorporated into a table design with minimal visual impact on wood texture, or it can be processed, tinted, painted or varnished to provide you with necessary shade that will complement your interior. Fully metal coffee tables have a ‘cold’ look, plastic tables go in and out of fashion easily, and let’s be honest, look cheap. Marble is great in appearance but overly expensive and hard in everyday handling. Expensive veneer on chipboard cracks and unglued easily.

Only wood is flexible in visual effects but natural enough to make you feel comfortable every time you see and touch it. Besides, natural wood coffee tables for sale are often made of oak, teak and mahogany that are extremely durable, and so hand-crafted tables will last for generations.

When reclaimed wood is used, it also contributes to sustainable manufacturing and rescues the precious material from demise.

Beautiful Wood Coffee Tables: Durability And Possible Care Required

Wood is lasting and sturdy material, and if cared for properly, can serve you as long as you want. Durability depends on kind of wood and type of finish. Softer kinds of wood like fir or lime tree can be scratched easily, but they are light in weight and can be moved around the room with ease. Oak, walnut, and maple are heavier with dense texture, they are more resistant to impacts but it can be hard to move them from place to place often.

Finish also matters in durability. Water resistant oils and varnishes usually protect the wood from damage, yet a highly polished surface can take stains from glasses, cups or spills. To help your cherished table last longer, use placemats, table runners, or coasters. Clean the table with soft slightly damp cloth, and apply polishing substances if necessary. Pick a natural wood and glass coffee table for additional top protection and you will proudly pass it as a family treasure to your grandchildren.

Remember, that wood is a natural material that ‘breathes’, that is, slightly expands in damp conditions and shrinks in a dry environment. It is a normal reaction to change in conditions. Usually, top class furniture has special tiny clearances along the assembling lines to accommodate these changes. Yet if possible, maintain normal humidity in the room, it will benefit both you and your wooden furniture.

Embedding The Table Into Your Interior

The wealth of styles and shapes makes wooden tables fit for practically every interior.
Simple minimalistic shapes without extensive detailing are fit for any room style, whether on the avant-garde or more conservative side.
A rustic natural wood coffee table would better suit a farmhouse or Mediterranean chic interior.

A modernist geometric table with addition of metallic or epoxy details will match modern loft space or fit the Scandinavian trend. The key advantage of wood and epoxy tables is its styling flexibility. Wooden part can match the existing set of furniture, and epoxy provides a refreshing touch or a pop of color that can be echoed across the room in accessories.

A Good Place For A Table

Coffee table got its name from its primary function – to provide space for a tea set or coffee cups, or entertaining drinks, while not taking much valuable space. So a table should be placed conveniently for everyone sitting on a couch or chairs, while providing enough space for moving around. If you have your furniture placed in a circle, then the table will occupy the center of this circle. If your furnishing consists of a sofa and a TV stand, the table will be put closer to the sofa side of the room, naturally.

A cool thing about a square or rectangular coffee table is that it can be placed as a console or end or side table when necessary. An oval or round natural wood coffee table does not fit this purpose, yet they make an elegant statement in the middle of the room.

Stylish Ideas Of Coffee Tables To Have in Your Room

We at Maxiwoods are proud to bring you the best style ideas with real pictures of wooden coffee tables. Each design suggestion links you to a specific model in our collection you can buy from us ‘as is’ or have it customized in color and size.

Style Options

You can have a purely wooden or wood and epoxy table on a sleek frame that looks well in modern and classic settings.
For wood, think chunky or slender tables like Oreo, Assen or Cambridge.

For a more extravagant and bright effect, think wooden islands drifting in the blue ocean like River table or Maple epoxy tables.
For wow-effect pick the wooden comb pattern inlaid in rust or blue epoxy like Geometry tables.

Size It Up

Want a spacious option? Take a large natural wood coffee table of the wood and epoxy kind like these and these square variations or round ones like big Oreo. Have little space? Pick smaller tables of interesting design like C-shape or S-shape side table that can do double service.

Edgy Matters

Live edge or straightened edge? – That’s a question. To see the difference, compare Oak Slab, natural edge and finished edge tables. Live edges are cool sculptural design features, and restrained finished edges help focus on texture of wood and its interplay with epoxy colors.

Shapes Of The Style

Need a square natural wood coffee table? Go for this Amazonia-like gem-colored piece. Rectangular options include sturdy and more airy pieces in different colors.
A round natural wood coffee table is present in its multiple variations, from richly colored Maple table to minimalist Oreo table.
Want something extraordinary? We have the special offer – a two-piece console table that looks like an art object. Pick it in a matching or contrasting tone and have guests talk about it all evening long.

Good Frame For A Good Thing

We create tables with two kinds of frames – natural wooden and sleek steel ones. Wood frame is warm and golden, thus fitting rustic and country styles. Steel makes the style funky and modern. Select the table that matches your vision of beauty, since we deliver both options.

Ages-Tested Wood

The available selection of wood includes only the durable and beautiful kinds that were cherished for centuries. Maple, oak, ash, acacia, elm, burl are truly elegant on their own and complement the brightness and gloss of epoxy in a timeless style combination.

Where Can I Buy The Best Natural Wood Tables?

So if you want to get a truly valuable and high-quality piece, buy it from trusted and passionate craftsmen who build exclusive nature coffee tables of precious and durable wood. We at Maxiwoods offer you the best choice of modern and classic table designs. When creating each table, from a sketch to the finished piece, we take into consideration everything we have mentioned above, but also use our little trade secrets that make wood furniture perfect in all senses. Maxiwoods runs its business based on unconditional love for style, wood, and our planet.

How Do I Match Exquisite Solid Wood Coffee Tables To My Interior?

What if you love the particular model of coffee table, but doubt it would fit the interior perfectly? Play with accessories, of course! Put hammered brass catch-all trays, glass vases or rust-colored terracotta bowls, neon colored art objects or placemats of desired color on the table. Such details should repeat the key material and colors of your living room, and then you will have the instant interior match without extra efforts.

Why should you prefer stylish and tailored wooden tables from Maxiwoods?
Because along with a multitude of available styles, our key advantage is present in every piece you see: every table is made by hand by our artisans, no mass production or wholesale supply from some obscure manufacturer. The precision and reliability of hand-made tables always speak for themselves. We supervise every stage of creation, beginning with sourcing trees from ethical suppliers to processing and finishing the table with safe oil or varnish to delivering the item to you with white gloves service.

How To Order a Premium Coffee Table From You?

If you are ready to welcome the flawless and classy addition to your interior, the modern natural wood coffee table that will bring you joy and serve you well, browse our portfolio of minimalist and luxurious tables, pick the size that fits your room and have the table delivered and assembled conveniently in your apartment.

We make many kinds of natural wood top coffee tables of which you can select the perfect option. Minimalist and more classic shapes are all appealing in their own way, and each can be mixed well with the rest of your furniture. Complement your black seating set with a light-color table for contrast or darker option for even look. Match straight and geometric lines of furniture with equally simple lines of a table. Add a modernist touch with colored epoxy or bring in some earthy chic with a slab top piece.

The choice is yours only, and we make sure that you have this ample choice, and in the best quality possible. So treat yourself to a premium class eye-catching coffee table and have your room styled up immediately.

Eco-Friendly Dining Experience

With an increasing emphasis on sustainability, both people and businesses are thinking of things they can do to be kinder to the environment. When it comes to the dining experience, there are several ways to make your dining experience more eco-friendly. Read on to find out about energy saving steps and materials that will make for Mother Earth approved dining.

It All Starts with the Furnishings

When it comes to the materials used to make furniture, reclaimed wood is becoming an interior design favorite. Not only does it cut down on the need for newly harvested wood and reduce waste in landfills, it’s a durable option with a great customized appearance.

When thinking of the ways we can incorporate reclaimed wood into the dining experience, the possibilities are endless. A dining room table and chairs may be the first items that come to mind, but kitchen islands can also be made of wood and shiplap can be used to decorate both dining room and kitchen areas.

Use Energy Saving Appliances

Appliances are a huge source of energy use. Fortunately, you can cut down on the amount of energy you’re using with Energy Star appliances. These appliances use less energy so they don’t waste natural resources. They will also help you save money on your utility bill.

Installing a low flow kitchen sink faucet can also help to conserve water, another precious natural resource.


Many of us have recycling bins inside or outside of our homes making it easy to recycle bottles and other recyclable items. However, this is only the start when it comes to the things you can do in the kitchen to save the environment. Here are some other ideas:

  • Recycle Your Cooking Oil: If disposed of in a drain or trash bin, cooking oil can block drains and sewers and even harm wildlife. To keep this from happening, you can store your remnants and hand it over to a recycling plant so they can turn it into biodiesel.
  • Give Away What You Don’t Need: Many of us buy foods we don’t end up eating. Instead of letting this food sit in your cabinets to rot, go through it every so often to determine what you don’t want. If it is still good, you can donate it to the hungry.
  • Reuse Your Containers: Instead of throwing out old containers, think of how you can use them around your house. Many of these will make great homes for potted plants or you can also use them to store other food items, knick-knacks and more.

When it comes to saving the environment, the kitchen and dining room are great places to start. When you consider how many natural resources we use in these spaces, little changes can really add up when it comes to saving you money and being kind to Mother Earth. What will you be doing to boost your energy saving efforts? Interested in adding a custom wood piece to your home – we can help!

How to Set Your Dining Room Table

Well, you’ve just done it. You’ve just gone out and purchased your very first reclaimed wood dining room table. You love its unique characteristics and the durability it provides; and the fact that it is an eco-friendly piece of furniture is an added bonus.

Your new addition is so lovely, you feel the need to celebrate. You decide that a dinner party will be the perfect way to break in your dining room table. But to really show it in its best light, the setting will have to be perfect.

Read on to find out how to set your dining room table to make your celebration everything you want it to be.

It’s All About Logic

Setting a dining room table may seem like a daunting task but when you take a logical approach it will all make sense.

Utensils and plates should be set out in such a way that guests will have access to what they need when they need it. Therefore, the plates and utensils needed for the earlier courses should be placed closest to them.

As plates and silverware are used and taken away, guests will have access to the plates and utensils they need for later in the meal. So, for instance, salad plates, soup bowls and the appropriate utensils should be closest to the guests when they are starting the meal while entrée and dessert plates and utensils will be placed farther away.

Let’s see how this plays out in a casual table setting.

Setting a Casual Table

Here are the steps you will want to take for setting a casual table:

  • Start with a placemat.
  • Put the dinner plate in the center of the placemat.
  • Place the salad plate on top of the dinner plate.
  • If you are starting the meal with soup, place the soup bowl on top of the salad plate.
  • Lay a napkin to the left of the plate.
  • Place a fork on the napkin.
  • Place a knife directly to the right of the plate and a spoon to the right of the knife.
  • Place a water glass directly above the knife.
  • Place another glass slightly above the water glass. This will be used for wine or another beverage.

Setting a Formal Table

If you are having a formal meal, you will want to make some changes to the casual setting. Here are the steps you should take.

  • Start with an ironed tablecloth.
  • Set a charger at each seat.
  • Place a soup bowl on top of the charger.
  • Place a bread plate to the top left of the charger
  • Place a napkin to the left of the charger.
  • Place a dinner fork on the napkin and a salad fork to the left of the dinner fork.
  • Place a knife to the right of the charger and a soup spoon to the right of the knife.
  • Place a butter knife horizontally on top of the bread plate with the blade facing inward.
  • Place a dessert spoon directly above the charger.
  • Place a water glass above the knife. A white wine glass will go to the right of the water glass and slightly below it. A red wine glass will go to the right of the water glass and slightly above it.

Now that you know how to set your reclaimed wood table, you are one step closer to being ready to entertain your guests. Figuring out what you’re going to serve is the next step! Good luck hosting a celebration everyone is sure to enjoy.

Custom Furniture for Your Home

If you are in the market for new furniture, you are probably looking through catalogues and browsing furniture stores to find a piece that works well with your interior and suits your taste. If you are having trouble finding the perfect thing, you might want to consider having your furniture customized.

Buying customized furniture ensures you will end up with a piece that is ideal for your room when it comes to style, shape, size and color. But that’s not the only benefit that comes with buying custom. Read on to find out more about why you should consider going the customized route for your next furniture purchase.

It’s Higher Quality

Most furniture is made on assembly lines. This cookie cutter, mass-manufactured approach results in lower quality pieces. Custom furniture is made by master builders who pay attention to every detail ensuring your piece meets your expectations. This approach not only adds aesthetic appeal to the products, it results in added durability that will endure the test of time.

It’s One of a Kind

Buying custom not only means you will get a product you will love; it means you will get one no one else has. Have you ever gotten a piece of furniture and then found out your neighbor had the exact same one? It can be disappointing to know your furniture isn’t as unique as you thought. With a custom-made piece, you know you are getting something no one else has.

It’s Not That Expensive

One of the main reasons people will shy away from getting custom made furniture is because they think it will be more expensive. Well, the truth is, your custom furniture doesn’t always come with a high price tag. You can work with a builder to find a price that works for you both. When you consider the durability and unique style the furniture provides, getting it at an affordable price makes it a great investment.

Provides the Fit and Function You Need

Do you have an oddly shaped wall? Looking for a couch that has specific features for storage, etc? Do you need a piece that fits around wiring and other permanent fixtures in your home?

Going from store to store with a tape measure trying to find a piece that’s perfect can be a huge waste of time and money which could be avoided if you go the custom route from the beginning.

Finding the right furniture for your home can be difficult. Custom furniture takes the burden out of finding the perfect piece assuring you will get the function you need, the style you love and the durability that makes it a great investment. Good luck finding the products that work for your home.

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