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Wood Conference Table 

The wood conference room table is one of the critical elements of the modern workspace. The conference table plays a unique role in daily business life. It aimed to create a flexible and warm collaborative space where it is pleasant to talk with colleagues or business partners both in-person and online. It helps to increase productivity and fuel the creativity of teams. That’s where big deals, decisions, and ideas take place.

The conference room in your office is a crucial point where all the business meetings and decisions occur. That place not only gives the first impression but a lasting one that remains. It says more than you think to your clients and employees. This space must be beautiful, well-designed, welcoming, and hospitable.

The natural wood conference table is a center of a conference room, which encourages networking, learning, and communication. It would be best if you also considered that the comfort of all the participants in a business meeting directly impacts the result. Let it be your secret weapon on the way to successfully concluded negotiations.

How to choose a perfect wood conference room table?

As you know, the conference room is a place for extended discussions and great deals. When you come into a meeting room with your colleagues or potential business partners, you will spend a couple of hours at the conference table. You will discuss essential things, current tasks and business goals, maintain effective relationships with customers, sign contracts, drink coffee, and make significant decisions. Hence, your conference room table must meet the highest standards.

However, what are general questions to ask oneself before choosing the style and the materials? Is there a kind of checklist to apply in your search? Yes, there are basic considerations, and we are glad to share them with you:

  • How many people should the table host? Is it a table for a smaller meeting room or a grand piece for a big boardroom? The answers will define the table size and, possibly, the shape.
  • What are the size and the shape of the room where the table will be placed? Presentation equipment and a screen placement also matter, since all people at the table need to see the screen clearly. In some situations, a classic rectangular table will work better than round or oval, and vice versa.
  • Will the table be moved across the room to provide space for other activities or will it be put in its place permanently? For a non-movable placement, custom solid wood conference tables are great, and dark oak tables will impress your partners and negotiation opponents alike. If a table needs to be light and easy to maneuver, choose tables with epoxy elements that will reduce the total weight.
  • Room style and furniture also matter, yet to a degree. Reserved and minimalist chairs and walls design is a perfect background for a statement table, including custom epoxy conference tables. Just choose the epoxy pattern wisely to avoid the overdose of extravagance.

In our catalog, you can find a variety of solid wood conference tables for any purpose. You can choose from our selection of standard table designs that satisfy even the most refined demands of our clients.

Do you need something special? We can custom wood conferences table of any size and style that will meet your expectations. You can also varnish your natural wood conference table to bring it a new color or customize it any way you’d like.

We only use several of the dozens of wood species in our furniture production. At Maxiwoods, we prefer to work with wood types that have several qualities necessary for prolonged use. Perfect material must have physical durability, attractive color and grain, and affordable price.

The materials we use in furniture production include oak, walnut, cherry, and maple. In addition, we can customize your conference table with a wide range of lesser-known species from around the world.

What wood to choose for the conference table?

So how to choose the material that will work best for you? Let’s figure it out using our quick guide.


The oak is a timeless classic. This kind of wood has a beautiful grain pattern, nice texture andexceptional durability. The oak conference table’s robust and reliable design distinguishes it from the alternatives. This wood will be the best choice if you need a piece of furniture that will get hard use.

Walnut wood conference table

For our furniture production, we primarily use the black walnut tree. Black walnut is more expensive than the other domestic hardwoods, but it is worth every cent. This hardwood is easy to cut, plane, and finish. Walnut can be used for slab table tops, where the table is made from a single large slice of a tree. At the same time, this wood has a range of beautiful colors and looks elegant and sophisticated.

Maple wood conference table

There are two types of maple used for wood conference room tables – hard maple and soft maple wood. This material is known for its resistance and durability. In addition, it has a beautiful grain and a wide range of colors. Mostly it has a light color, which makes it a perfect choice to bring a clean to modern look to interior design. We recommend using a maple whenever you want to create a good, energetic effect.

Cherry wood

Cherry is a material that will pleasantly surprise you with its beautiful patterning. Perhaps, when we tell you about a cherry, you are thinking about these fantastic flowering, fruit-bearing cherries growing almost in every garden. However, in our furniture production, we use another type of cherry – forest-grown cherries, which can reach more than 100 feet in height. Cherry is locally grown, durable, affordable, and simply adorable. We love it and highly recommend you this type of wood!

Which shape of the wood conference table to choose?

The next step on the way to selecting of boardroom table is its shape. Note that the wooden conference table will be the eye-catching element of your office furniture, so take care about matching it with the interior style of a workspace. Maxiwood catalog of wood conference room tables includes various shapes, sizes, and materials. It might be a large wood conference table or a small one – whatever you want, and we have what to offer. Let’s figure out how to choose the right boardroom table that will work best for you.

A perfect conference table should fit your space, budget, office design, and company culture. You may choose a model that will meet your expectations from our catalog, or we can manufacture a table to fit individual customer demands. You can look through the most popular shapes of the conference table in the list below.

Rectangular wood conference table

Rectangular tables are the most considerable size, so they fit perfectly in large, spacious conference rooms. Its wide surface allows accommodating laptops, speakers, or any special equipment. Besides it, it’s an excellent choice for big companies. These conference tables have many extendable options to seat more people.

If you want your table to be as a stylish as it is practical, consider our elegant epoxy river conference table for sale. Color combinations can be customized, and the nature-inspired design will set the team into a productive and creative mood.

Round wood conference table

The round conference table is a great, versatile option, which fits any workspace style and meets any meeting room requirements. The round shape is a key to simplifying communication – all your colleagues are next to you, so it’s easy to keep the focus of discussion, and all the participants are on an equal footing. In addition, rounded corners create the illusion that the conference table occupies less space, so it’s the best choice to seat several people in a small boardroom.

Resin conference tables in round shapes are elegant statement pieces of furniture, so you won’t need to think of additional design elements in the room. If you want to create more relaxed and inspiring atmosphere, just add some wall accents or light fixtures in colors of the epoxy used for the table, and your meeting room will get an elevated look in no time at all.

Oval wood conference table

Can’t choose between a rectangular conference table and a round one? Select the oval conference table! Its curves help create a warm and friendly atmosphere, where all the business meeting participants will feel comfortable. Oval conference tables fit perfectly for large spaces. The oval conference table will meet your expectations if you need six or more seats for your boardroom. Oval epoxy conference tables for sale can come in a variety of styles and colors, so you won’t be limited in your choice. Yet if you still need something very special, just ask us and we will build it for you.

Maxiwoods is a company based in the California San Francisco Bay area, which knows everything about high-quality furniture made of natural wood. Our wooden table has a signature style that will refresh your workspace interior and make it a place where big deals take place. So if you plan to buy epoxy conference tables, we can supply you with beautiful and functional tables made of quality materials by experienced and passionate craftsmen.

At Maxiwoods, we design unique real wood conference tables that are carefully hand-crafted, considering all your wishes and our technical specifications, from places for electric power sockets to the pattern of the wood we use. We’re the company you were looking for if you need a conference room table for your business. Call us or fill out the form on this page, and our team will gladly answer all your questions.