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What do we expect from office furniture? Solid wood office furniture is an essential element of your workspace that should be durable, comfortable, stylish, and full of custom options. The wood office table is the main element of the daily office routine where you spend many hours. You must admit that it is not easy to imagine your workspace without it.

However, picking the perfect wooden office work table can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. The wooden table will be the primary furniture in your office, so it needs to be combined with the interior style.

How to choose the right size for the wood office table

Size is one of the most important things you should consider when picking a wooden table for the office. It’s not only a question of comfort; it’s what has a long-term impact on your health. An incorrectly selected table size may cause bad posture, injuries, and back pain. Hence, keep in mind a few factors to avoid and find the right size to fit your height.

  • The top of your monitor must be on the same level as your eyes. You can put a monitor on a little platform to raise it if it’s not there yet.
  • Make sure your feet are flat on the floor when sitting at the table. Your arm and forearm should have a 90-110º angle as well.
  • It’s common when a standard table size doesn’t work for everyone. Don’t worry! Now you can easily find an alternative size or customize the desk height.
  • Don’t forget to check if there is enough space for the office chair underneath your desk!

The next point is understanding how much surface space you need. You should choose a large wooden office table if you need enough room for a monitor (or even several monitors), speakers, printer, and other computer peripherals. However, if you only need a place for a laptop, then pick a smaller model. The last thing, relate the chosen model to the size of the room. It’s important because you may realize that you were slightly over-ambitious with the size.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a long wood office table or a computer desk, the Maxiwood team will provide you with the best solutions for any case.

Which type of wood to choose for an wood office table in California?

Now let’s figure out what sort of wood will work best in your case. All the hardwoods we use are high quality and environmentally friendly, so any of your choices will be the right one. Here is the list of the most popular materials we use in furniture production.

Black Walnut wood office table

Black Walnut is one of the hottest trends now. Its excellent patterning and beautiful dark color will catch your eye. This wood is easily machined, allowing designers great flexibility in deciding on the final shape and style. The walnut color will be much lighter over the years and become even more beautiful. However, it would be best if you considered the walnut price is higher than other wood species.

Oakwood office table

Do you prefer the timeless classic? We know what to advise! Oak is one of the most popular hardwoods for wooden office computer tables. The furniture made of oak is solid and sturdy, so it can last for generations. What about color? Oak’s color varies from light brown to pinkish-red. Note that with proper finishing, you can get whatever color you want. This kind of wood has an elegant traditional style and will bring a classic aristocratic vibe to your office interior.

Maple wood office table

Are you looking for a sort of wood with a lower price but with great qualities? Then the maple is what you need. This wood is also pretty strong, durable, looks great, and may have different types of wood grain – straight, wavy, curly, etc. Similar hardwoods are usually more expensive than maple, making them the best choice for those looking for an excellent ratio of price and quality.

Cherry wood office table

Cherry is a high-quality strong wood, making it a popular choice for offices. The color of this wood is usually light brown and reddish-brown. This sort of wood has a surprising property – the color of the wood deepens over time and looks richer. Another specific – cherry wood has a distinctive grain compared to other kinds of wood. The grain of cherry wood is one of its most attractive features, giving a variety of patterns and textures to its surfaces. We bet you will love it!

Mahogany wood office table

One more fantastic hardwood is mahogany. This long-lasting wood is commonly used in high-end, elegant furniture for homes and offices. The grain of mahogany is fine and straight, so the furniture pieces look beautiful and sophisticated. This material has a pretty traditional look so that it can bring warmth and coziness to any space. Besides, adequately cared mahogany solid wood furniture can last for decades.

The color of this hardwood may vary from soft pink to deep reddish-brown. Another characteristic of mahogany is a surprising combination of qualities: it’s lighter in weight than some of the other types of wood, but it possesses the strength of oak. It could be pretty expensive, but it is worth every cent.

Which style of wooden office table to choose?

Maxiwood’s collection of solid wood office tables has a wide range of options for every taste. Our wooden tables are a real piece of art: we have plenty of unique models incrusted with epoxy or varnished with different colors. Look through our catalog, and you will fall in love with them!

For a traditional style, pick rich shades such as chocolate or espresso. If you are looking for a modern wooden office table, opt for a warm honey finish. You can choose a desk from our collection in a finish that conveys your aesthetic and book it or order ​​an unfinished real wood table. In this case, you will be able to see the quality of the wood and craftsmanship, and after – you can request for the table to be customized any way you’d like: varnish, inlaid, paint, etc.

Note that the colors of solid wood and finishes may change over time. As we said earlier, different sorts of wood react differently to natural sunlight exposure. They can change color, become dark, or brighten with time. It is usual for furniture to change color after years of sun exposure. Hence, consider this factor when selecting wood for your table. Nevertheless, you can varnish it at any time to return its original look.

We have what to offer you if you’re browsing where to buy an old wooden office table. A natural wood table is furniture that will last many years with the proper care. Even if it gets damaged, it’s elementary to repair it. Moreover, your desk can change if you change your decor or interior style. You can refinish real wood tables to have a new color or customize it with paint.

All our furniture has a signature style that will refresh your home or office interior and make it look gorgeous. You will feel this luxury aesthetic from day to day. We carefully handcraft all our tables in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. In our collection, you can find wooden tables in various designs to suit any office or home. Maxiwoods create furniture with a love of detail, and you will appreciate its beauty and comfort. It will become the center of your home comfort and create a cozy atmosphere.

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions. You can call us or leave the request in a form on this page. Maxiwoods team is always ready to help you with anything related to wooden furniture.