Artisan RiverFlow Walnut & Epoxy Console Table


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You may customize Maxiwoods tables to any of your special requirements and according to your taste. Our furniture can be made in many sizes as well, so it’s all up to your needs and wishes.

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Product Description: Artisan RiverFlow Walnut & Epoxy Console Table

Immerse your space in bespoke craftsmanship with our “Artisan RiverFlow” Walnut and Epoxy Console Tables. Constructed from live edge walnut, red oak, and maple, the possibilities extend to a vast array of wood species. The epoxy river, a captivating centerpiece, can be tailored to your desired color palette. To embark on this artisanal journey, kindly reach out before your purchase to discuss your unique vision.

These tables are made to order, allowing for ample time for material selection, epoxy curing, and meticulous finishing. Utilizing premium materials, including pigments from Black Diamond and SuperClear deep pour epoxy, each piece comes complete with hairpin legs, while alternative leg styles are also available.

Enhance your living space with the “Artisan RiverFlow” Console Table – a harmonious blend of nature’s finest materials and your personalized touch, crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail.
Product details

Dimensions 170 ×30 × 73 cm
List of woods Live Edge Black Walnut
Table legs Metal


Price: $879 per square feet.

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