Those Who Make Epoxy Rivers Flow: Top 5 Epoxy Table Manufacturers In The USA

The modern world churns out plenty of trends and products every day, from classic to avant-garde, but deep inside we always want something we can relate to, something that is familiar and timeless. In the long run, it all boils down to materials tested by centuries, designs that are functional and elegant in all kinds of settings, and sustainability that respects our planet and its needs. If you look at these points and give them a thought, you’ll understand why wood and epoxy furniture is so popular now and why it’s really worth your attention and money.

What Actually Makes Up An Epoxy Table: Wood, Epoxy And Beyond     

As you can guess, an epoxy table is a table with inclusions of colored epoxy, usually used for tabletops. The base and the other parts of the tabletop are made of high-grade solid wood, sustainably sourced or harvested from unwanted constructions. Sometimes, good-quality metal legs are used. 

These wood and epoxy designs strike a perfect balance between traditional wooden furniture, whether rustic, classic, or modernist, and contemporary experiments with new materials and shapes. The design turns out fully functional and relatable while being fresh and unusual in a good way. 

Such pieces of furniture – usually tables – quickly become conversation starters and room centerpieces. Yet they are solid and reserved enough to fit into practically any kind of interior, from old colonial style to contemporary eclectic or minimalist one. They will work well wherever you choose to put them, and they do make good heirloom pieces that you won’t discard gladly during the next move or renovation.

The very idea behind epoxy tables is simple but powerful: to make natural wood imperfections and curvy shapes that are usually cut off into a feature, a part of the design. The best epoxy table manufacturers in the USA fully understand this point and carefully give unique pieces of wood a life of their own, making them coveted and useful – and strikingly beautiful.

How-To’s of Epoxy Tables: What Does It Take To Build One?

So, the making process goes like this. Interesting curved live edges of the wood are not shaved off. Instead, they are gently polished, matched, and aligned edge to edge, and the space between them is filled with top-quality epoxy, usually of contrasting color. That’s how epoxy river tables are born: natural warm golden tones of wood make a sandy background for a clear blue or reddish tone of epoxy resin. The combination is breathtaking in its look, and epoxy is strong and sturdy enough to hold wooden slabs safely together. Then the suitable base or set of legs is added and a table is ready to travel to its new owner.

The selection of materials should be considered a full part of the making process, as every slab is carefully inspected, sources are checked for sustainability, and makers – who create furniture by hand – strive to leave as little carbon footprint as possible. 

All in all, this furniture is the epitome of true respect makers have for wood, for customers, and for the planet, and it’s the most precious thing one can get with their purchase.

Top 5 Manufacturers Of Epoxy Tables In The USA 

  1. Maxiwoods

There are quite a few good woodworking shops and individual artisans in the USA who craft nice epoxy tables by hand. But we will focus on the top epoxy table manufacturers in the USA who do really impressive jobs, and the first line of our chart is deservingly occupied by Maxiwoods. This family-run company believes in doing everything locally, by skilled hands and top-class equipment. The USA has long been one of the global influencers in the upscale furniture market, and this tradition is proudly maintained in furniture crafted by Maxiwoods. 

Located in Colma, California, the company incorporates the effortless coastal chic and buzzing energy characteristic of the Bay Area into its designs. The furniture turns out to be luxurious without the over-the-top feeling, and this balance makes it perfect for any house or office, whether a sleek condo in New York or a cozy house in the suburbs. 

The biggest advantage of Maxiwoods is that it offers all styles of wood+epoxy tables and offers them at a reasonable price. Tables can come in different sizes and shapes, have wooden or iron legs of different configurations, feature live edge slabs or epoxy river tabletops, fit more classic or contemporary interiors, and in general, be whatever you want them to be. 

Skilled craftspeople source valuable wood types ethically and pre-treat them for durability. The natural beauty of the wood is brought into the spotlight in every item and reminds us why wooden furniture never goes out of style. The finished tables are sturdy, safe, heirloom quality, and very elegant. Customers can ask for a specific style to be applied to a coffee table, console, or dining table, and the team will lovingly create the one-of-the-kind piece.  

Another huge benefit of the company is that for its custom handcrafted furniture, it charges reasonable prices, making it affordable for many. Dining tables start at approximately $1,000, and coffee and accent tables start at $500-$600. 

2. Brick Mill Furniture 

The family-owned company has opened its workshops on the site of a historical wood mill and proudly revived its name Brick Mill to honor the long lumbering history of the area. Brick Mill is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the lumber capital of America in ‘the olden times.’ Owners and workers are fully aware of high expectations that are linked to the historical significance of the place and strive to live up to them. 

The company’s mission is to supply good-quality furniture that is made in the USA exclusively. For materials, they use only reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood varieties from American forests. 

The company offers a wide range of furniture types, both wooden and wood+epoxy, from dining to bedroom to shelving. They create custom high-end pieces that will last long and uphold deep-rooted traditions of local skilled woodworking. 

Customers can choose a model from the online catalog, order a custom design that matches their vision, or visit a showroom and find inspiration by interacting with well-finished high-grade wood furniture on display. 

The average price for a wood+epoxy table ranges between $2,000 and $4,000, depending on size and materials. 

Clients are welcome to reach out to these resin table makers and get an approximate quote for the specific design and materials they have in mind.                     

3. Atlanta Epoxy Tables

The company was born in 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, as a side project of a successful construction business. It seemed most reasonable to offer custom tables that matched the general vision and design embodied in the constructed houses and offices. So the manufacturing of tables was launched and developed into a full-fledged business leg. 

These resin furniture manufacturers use timber of traditional American wood types, like walnut, maple, cedar, and oak, and offer exotic materials if customers desire. All slabs and boards are kiln-dried to avoid warping and cracking in the future. Only high-grade, safe epoxy is applied in the manufacturing process. Everything is sourced and built in the USA, thus supporting the economy and benefiting local communities.

The company offers various designs of tables, from classic to contemporary and experimental, for indoor and outdoor use. According to customers’ wishes, wood and epoxy tabletops can be combined with wooden or metallic legs. 

Additionally, customers can order shelving to match the tables or ask for custom barn doors that can bring an authentic rustic feel to the interior or exterior of the house and yard. Samples of finished tables are displayed in their showroom or on the website for inspiration or directly for purchase. 

Prices depend on the size and type of the product. Shelves can be obtained for as little as $25, while tables range from $890 for a smaller coffee table to $4,000 for a full-size dining table.

4. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

The company was founded in 2013 by a passionate artisan who wanted to continue practicing his trade and sharing his skills after retiring from his main job. From a small workshop in a basement, this undertaking developed into a full-fledged business, a whole village of artisans and craftspeople who know how to and love turning wood into functional pieces of art. With their headquarters and showroom located in picturesque suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, these artisans have plenty of natural wonders to draw inspiration from for unique designs. 

The company offers a variety of wooden, wood+epoxy, life edge, and customized furniture from coffee tables to bed headboards. As the company motto says, they offer designs from rustic to modern. Customers can explore ready-to-buy collections or ask for a custom order. All materials used for furniture are safe, high-grade, and fit for heavy-duty use. So a dining table or an elegant coffee table can well become an heirloom piece to pass to the next generation. 

Surrounded by amazing landscapes in a town where nature blends into daily life smoothly, these epoxy dining table makers are very serious about being respectful to our planet. Wood is sourced from trusted suppliers and checked both for quality and ethical origin, and work operations are organized to leave as little carbon footprint as possible. 

Prices vary depending on the type of the product, and they tend to be on the higher end of the average pricing scale. Coffee tables begin at $1,600 and go upward, while dining table prices start at $6,000 and go beyond $10,000. 

5. Woodland Steelworks

This small company is run by an enthusiast of woodworking, industrial design, and all things handcrafted with inspiration. The company is based in Woodstock, Georgia, and it focuses on building residential furniture, commercial use furniture, and accessories of wood and epoxy. 

The company’s specialty is epoxy tables that fuse rustic and industrial styles. The sturdy iron legs and trestles are matched to live edge or epoxy-inlay tabletops, and such pieces are suitable for classic interiors and for contemporary loft studios and offices. The company prides itself in its steelwork and uses only iron elements for table legs, so if you need a fully wooden table with a warmer rustic feel, you need to look elsewhere. On the other hand, their line of products includes credenzas, file cabinets, home bar cabinets, cutting and charcuterie boards, furniture for pets, and even souvenirs. So you can order a set of different products from these epoxy table makers in the USA knowing that everything will be sourced and made locally and ethically.

Clients are welcome to explore collections, see previous projects, and get inspired by their own custom tables. All materials are top quality, and safe, and wood is sourced and processed with care for the local environment. 

Prices depend on the size and complexity of projects. Price tags for dining tables of different types begin at $1,800 and go up to $4,000 and beyond. Coffee tables and console tables prices begin at $500. 


What’s the price of epoxy that will go into making a table?           

That’s a tricky question for many reasons. Minimal volumes of resin you can buy, size of the pouring area, desired thickness, and number of layers – all these factors impact the final cost. So only you can calculate with relative accuracy how much epoxy for your project will cost. 

Reputable manufacturers of epoxy resins usually provide charts that help determine how much resin will be necessary for a specific area and pouring depth. You will calculate the area of the pour and see how much resin you will need. Then you will multiply it by the price, usually per gallon. Prices for good quality resin that is UV-stable and scratch-resistant begin at approximately $100 per gallon and go upwards for larger volumes. If the price is given per liter, remember that 1 gallon is 3.785 liters. 

All in all, for a small table, you will buy at least 1 gallon of epoxy resin, so be ready to pay $100 for a starter, and then the prices can add up if you will need more resin.

Are there truly the best brands of epoxy for tabletops? 

There are hundreds of names currently on the market, and all of them have positive and sometimes disappointing reviews. Experienced makers and craftspeople recommend brands like ProMarine, Magic Resin, Ecopoxy, and Let’s Resin. But each brand has varieties of resins that have specific properties, like food-safe, fully transparent, extra sturdy, easy to use, etc. Read what types of epoxy resin these brands offer and decide what you need. 

Do I need lots of tools and stuff to make an epoxy table?

Well, on the surface, you don’t need that much to make such a table, but in reality, you may need a lot. Generally, first, you need a project design and a 3D model with dimensions. 

When you know what materials and elements you need and in what amount, you can order wood and buy resin. If you need metallic leg frames, you will buy them as well. 

Then you need a workshop with woodworking equipment and tools, and a solid steady workbench where you will place the tabletop for resin pouring. Remember that to work with resin, you need a mask.

But first of all, you’ll need experience and woodworking skills. If you don’t have them, don’t waste your money on materials and tools and just buy a table made according to your taste. If you have already completed woodworking projects successfully, you can give this one a try.

Are epoxy resin tables really that hard to make?     

The answer is ‘It depends.’ For professionals who have years of experience under their belts, making a resin table is not hard, it just requires patience and precision in woodworking and resin manipulation.          

If you have never tackled such projects before, the task may be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially if you own only basic tools for amateur projects. Table-making requires rather advanced tools and skills.

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