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Barrel chairs, also known as tub chairs, stand as a unique blend between the familiarity of an armchair and the simplicity of a regular seat. A barrel chair is characterized by its curved backrest, making it an ideal standalone piece or a charming addition to a set. Barrel chairs are available in a variety of sizes, forms, and patterns, making them adaptable for a variety of settings, from standalone pieces to sets that completely transform your dining experience.

Embracing Timeless Elegance

Let’s begin our journey through barrel chair excellence with exceptional individual pieces spanning various periods.

Empire Tub Chair

The Empire Tub Chair showcases the quintessential barrel shape with an original mahogany frame reupholstered in a modern crème fabric. Balancing the expected formality of the Empire style with contemporary elegance, this chair thrives as a standalone accent or paired with modern furniture.

Modern Boucle Armchair

Breaking away from tradition, the Modern Boucle Armchair redefines the barrel chair with its modern form and extraordinary comfort. Crafted by Eastern European designers, this custom-made wonder seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality, making it a captivating addition to your lounge or bedroom.

Sets of Barrel Chairs

Barrel-style chairs extend beyond individual pieces, proving their prowess in group settings. Explore two exemplary sets from the Empire period and witness how barrel chairs can transform your dining or living space.

Set of Six Empire Barrel Chairs

Class meets sophistication in this Set of Six Empire Barrel Chairs. The warm walnut veneer contrasts elegantly with the black fabric, creating a striking visual impact. Imagine these chairs around a designer dinner table, adding aesthetic confidence to your dining room.

Set of Four Empire Barrel Chairs

For a more open-back design that retains the comfort of barrel chairs, consider the Set of Four Empire Barrel Chairs. With the same black fabric as the previous set, these chairs provide a unique twist on the Empire style, encouraging conversations that transcend individual rooms.

The Versatility of Barrel Chairs

Barrel Chairs as Accent Pieces

A barrel chair serves as an excellent accent piece, effortlessly injecting a pop of color into any room. Whether placed in a reading nook, bedroom, or living room, it stands as a testament to timeless style and individuality.

Barrel Chairs in Smaller Spaces

Barrell chairs are a popular option for tiny rooms because they are lightweight and compact. They provide extra seating without taking up too much room and are ideal for high-traffic locations like nooks because they are simple to tuck away when not in use.

Flexibility Across Rooms

Barrel chairs are not confined to a specific room; they seamlessly blend into living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms or serve as end tables or nightstands. Their unique design allows for easy rearrangement, adapting to changing decor or unexpected guests.

Reading Nooks and Unexpected Design Elements

Perfect for Reading Nooks

Create a cozy reading nook with a barrel chair, offering comfort and style. Whether in a bedroom or living room, these chairs provide an inviting space for indulging in your favorite books or enjoying a relaxing moment.

An Unexpected Design Element

Barrel chairs transcend traditional expectations and can be used as unexpected design elements. Placed against a wall or on a coffee table, they add character, color, and texture to any room, becoming a focal point of your interior design.

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